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Join our professional network!

iLoveJapanTours is proud of its network of partners that helps us deliver award-winning services beyond the highest expectations. Each agent we work with is a highly valued partner who shares the same core values with our company. If your agency specializes in premium tours and is searching for a reliable partner in Japan, we are looking forward to seeing you in our network!

Why become our agent?

Dedicated managers

You can end your search for a reliable specialist.

Insider rates

Get access to the special rates & exclusive offers.

White-label services *

Provide high-quality tours in Japan under your brand.

Commission **

We reward our partners with commission and special discounts.

How to become our agent?


First, submit a registration form for agencies. We will review it and get back to you within 2 working days.

Phone Interview

Once your agency has passed an initial screening, you will be contacted by one of our managers by phone for an interview.


Once approved, your agency will be added into our list of accredited agencies.

Welcome to our team!

You will be assigned a personal manager who will be in charge of your inquiries.

Application requirements & guidelines

In order to be qualified, please refer to the application mandatory requirements


Valid license


Physical office


Valid phone and corporate email


Cover letter

Tell us why you chose iLoveJapanTours; what your core values are; etc. Be creative ;)

Direct customer access

Not mandatory, but highly recommended


Working Website


IATA registration


English-speaking manager


Real customer reviews

Application form 

Please read the FAQ section before submitting the application form below

FAQ for agencies

Questions about application? We've got you covered!

Is our accreditation guaranteed if we fulfill all the requirements listed above?
The requirements listed above represent only the necessary minimum of conditions that we expect our potential partners to meet. We review each application that meets the minimum requirements individually and accept or decline applicants based on a variety of factors that go beyond the conditions listed above.
Can we just submit a request and get a quotation?
We have an urgent inquiry and need a quotation now.
Will we have a higher chance to get accredited of our agency has a client?
Our company has a (probably) one-time request for a tour in Japan. Do we still need to get an accreditation?
How long does it take to get accredited?
Will we be notified if our application is declined?
Can our accreditation be revoked?
Our agency is currently applying for/renewing a license. Can we submit an application to be your agent now?
Our agency does not have an IATA registration.
Our company does not have an office / We are currently relocating our office.
We currently do not have a website / We are currently renewing our website.
What is a valid phone/email?
What kinds of agencies are not eligible for application?
Our company arranges business tours/corporate incentive tours in Japan. Can we apply?
Our agency specializes in group tours. Can we apply?
Our company arranges industrial tours (with visits to factories, construction sites, farms, industrial objects). Can we apply?
Our company arranges school trips/student trips/family-stay trips/camp trips/field trips. Can we apply?
Our company does not have an English speaking manager.
What is a cover letter?
What is a direct customer access?
Does an experience working with Japan increase my chances to get accredited?
What other recommendations can you give for a successful application?
Can we submit our application by email?
Is a phone interview necessary?
We have a technical issue with our application (cannot upload a file, not sure if our application was successfully submitted, etc.)
* What is white-label services?
** What commission can we expect?