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๋JR will launch a direct train to Kawaguchiko from 16 March 2019

​Greetings everyone! Let's start a fresh 2019 year with a news related to the transportation of Japan which is currently an important route for any oversea visitors who visit Japan!

Currently, any visitors who wish to travel to Kawaguchiko by train must change the train at Otsuki Station where it belongs to both JR and Fujikyu Railway Company but from 16 March 2019, JR company will provide a direct train from heart of Tokyo (at Shinjuku Station) to Kawaguchiko Station with an overall time around 112 minutes.

For this blog, we will introduce a new train from JR company which recently announced that the new train will be launch its first service from 16 March 2019 with a new train series E353 or "Fuji Excursion". This new train will serve passengers who wish to visit Kawaguchiko, an area where there are 5 lakes with Mount Fuji view, started from JR Shinjuku Station and run directly while making only a brief stop only at major stations along the route. The most important point for this new train is that passengers do not need to change the train anymore which decrease the chance of oversea passengers going to the wrong platform and no need to carry their luggage on/off the train for multiple times. 

Now, let's have a look at the official released picture of this new train

For those who never been to Kawaguchiko, we would like to inform you that before this train started its service, passengers must start their journey at JR Shinjuku Station and hop on any train head to Otsuki Station then they must hop off the train (of course, with their luggages) and change the train system from JR company to Fujikyu Railway Company which uses different platform. Traveling with this method sometimes make oversea visitors to lost their way and face some inconvenient when they have to carry their luggage so often. Thus this point makes JR Company solves this problem by negotiating with Fujikyu Railway to grant special direct access to Kawaguchiko Station.

The detail of this new train hasn't been released yet except the exterior of the train at picture shown above but one thing we can definitely say right now is that riding this train is different than ordinary train/ commuter train because this new train is classed as a "Limited Express" which has several advantages than those ordinary train such as the seating layout which provide more comfort, it runs fast and makes only a few stops so you reach your destination faster, it has a cleaning toilet, it has a designated seat and anyone can reserve so this can guaranteed the seating for passengers.

For now, there will be 2 train service everyday with a running schedule below : 
Starts from JR Shinjuku 
1.Departs at 08:30 AM and reach Kawaguchiko Station at 10:22 AM 
2.Departs at 09:30 AM and reach Kawaguchiko Station at 11:22 AM 
Starts from Kawaguchiko Station 
1.Departs at 15:05 PM and reach JR Shinjuku at 16:58 PM 
2. Departs at 17:35 PM and reach JR Shinjuku at 19:27 PM

For the cost for riding this train, it is still open to debate but holders of JR Pass will pay a little extra fee if they want to take this train while holders of JR Tokyo Wide Pass do not require paying any extra fee. Therefore, please check pass coverage area before proceeding on board with this train.

That is all for the news this week, and before we finish the blog, if you read and feel like going to Japan but still does not sure about transportation, language barrier or require any private guide then we would like to introduce private tour to Fuji for anyone! Our company has gathered an experience more than 13 years in travel industry service and we are ready to serve you! So please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to travel to Japan ^^ Have a good start of the year to all of you, cheers!

Original source from tetsudo-shinbun (Japanese), Official website of Fujikyu train and mainichi.jp

Pictures were taken from Fujikyu train and livejapan

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