Authentic Japan Private Tours

Dots and lines on a map do not an itinerary make.
A wholesome trip is much more than just chaining one visit with another.
It is -- first and foremost -- a dream and expectation of wonder.

Our mission is to guide you away from the mundane
and immerse you in the wonders of an unknown land.
We invite you to discover the Japan of your dreams -- with our experience,
on your terms, at your pace, with the people you love.


Active Style Tours

The philosophy behind our ACTIVE tours is to encourage exploration -- because an Active adventurer will not compromise the satisfaction they get when they have seen the little known. For this reason, we recommend this style particularly for the young and adventurous at heart. Our Active tours are suitable for both first-timers and repeat visitors!

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Boutique Style Tours

BOUTIQUE is unique. Our Boutique tours are designed around events and activities to which the average traveler has limited access. Itineraries of this style are meant to grant our customers an exclusive window to Japan. Exciting and unorthodox, these tours are most suitable for those who have been to Japan before, and would like to experience something new.

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Comfort Style Tours

Our most accessible style: COMFORT is for everyone. For travelers who expect to find some respite from their jam-packed schedules at home. For families who desire a fun holiday for members of all ages. For groups who want to enjoy themselves on a relaxing vacation. A first-timer in Japan will find our Comfort tours particularly appealing.

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