Окно в закрытую Японию

Стиль “BOUTIQUE” - это воплощение эксклюзивности и уникальности. Здесь вы найдете все лучшее, что Япония может предложить искушенному путешественнику, превыше всего ценящему личное удобство и предъявляющему самые высокие требования к качеству своего отдыха. Стиль “BOUTIQUE” - удовольствие для избранных.


Japan is meant to amaze its visitors with a rich culture and surrealistic traditional atmosphere. Unlike our classic vernal offerings, Japan Boutique Tours focuses on the exclusive historic attractions, seasonal festivals, high-end hotels and unique dining experience. If you are looking for something to which the average traveler has limited access, our Japan Luxury Vacation Packages is your best choice.

Rare, one-of-a-kind itineraries

The focus of any Boutique itinerary is a unique experience of limited availability. It can be a very elusive annual festival, an audience to a highly sought-after performance, or a stay in a historic or esoteric hotel. The daily schedules will revolve around the venue of the main activity, covering the nearby areas of interest. There will also be transfers and activities of varying intensity.

The essential extension of your tour

Travel in the stately style befitting your status

When even resting is an experience

Inspiring sights throughout the day, inspiring stay into the night -- that is the ideal of our Boutique tours. As such, they do not only feature special events -- even the selected lodgings are unique. In some cases, the accommodation may very well be the main attraction of the tour itself. Due to the time-sensitive nature of these tours, the dishes served also tend to be seasonal


Enjoy meticulously selected and skillfully arranged restaurants

Туры в Японию "Boutique"

  • OsakaWakayamaKawayu OnsenNachikatsuuraKoyasan (Mt. Koya)NaraKameokaArashiyamaKameokaKyotoOsaka

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      • от¥ 1,086,000 2,172,000 JPY

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      • от 9,009 18,017 EUR

      • от£ 7,687 15,374 GBP

      • от$ 14,632 29,264 AUD

      • от฿ 301,278 602,556 THB

      • отRp 140,430,205 280,860,410 IDR

      • от 636,233 1,272,466 RUB

      • от 34,458 68,916 ILS

      • от¥ 810,000 2,430,000 JPY

      • от$ 7,432 22,296 USD

      • от 6,719 20,158 EUR

      • от£ 5,733 17,200 GBP

      • от$ 10,913 32,740 AUD

      • от฿ 224,710 674,131 THB

      • отRp 104,740,761 314,222,282 IDR

      • от 474,538 1,423,615 RUB

      • от 25,701 77,103 ILS

      • от¥ 672,000 2,688,000 JPY

      • от$ 6,166 24,663 USD

      • от 5,574 22,298 EUR

      • от£ 4,757 19,026 GBP

      • от$ 9,054 36,216 AUD

      • от฿ 186,426 745,705 THB

      • отRp 86,896,038 347,584,154 IDR

      • от 393,691 1,574,764 RUB

      • от 21,322 85,289 ILS


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iLoveJapanTours is a leading tour operator specializing in private tours in Japan. Being a local land tour operator, we have a personal involvement in every aspect of your tour. Your itinerary is designed and approved by our team of experts with firsthand experience of living in Japan. Your daily tour management, down to the occasionally requested last-minute adjustments, is performed firsthand by our team in Japan. It is the kind of quality you can expect only from dedicated professionals with local know-how.

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