Вдали от суеты и забот

Стиль “COMFORT” - наиболее доступный и демократичный из трех стилей “ToursJapan” - идеально подходит тем, кто собирается посетить Японию впервые. Если вы желаете отдохнуть от повседневной суеты и забот в приятной и спокойной атмосфере, сменить обстановку и открыть для себя новую страну, стиль “COMFORT” - для вас!


Japan family holidays is much more than just a reunion with the people you love. It is -- first and foremost -- a dream and expectation of wonder. We understand how important it is to have a family vacation where everyone has memories to write home about. With this in mind, we have created Japan family tour packages that feature all sorts of attractions that cater to different demographics. Thrill rides, beauty spas, ninja shows, anime exhibitions, and many other kinds of amusement parks will enrich your family vacation in Japan!

Explore Japan at your pace

Our Comfort tours tend to focus on the major local attractions of each region. The destinations are selected on a regional basis, ensuring optimal accessibility from the bigger cities. This in turn allows for a lower amount of hotel transfers, resulting in a very moderately paced tour. Extended time in each city also encourages our travelers to make new discoveries by themselves.

Drop your bags and stretch your legs

Comfortable tour starts with a comfortable car

Accessible and adaptable

To ensure the highest Comfort for many consecutive nights, we use respected accommodations which have received good reviews from both locals and our past customers. The hotels are usually located close to city centers, giving easy access to restaurants and convenience stores outside the tour hours. This also means more freedom in deciding the particulars of each meal.

Food for thought

A great selection of food for everyone in the family

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