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Thinking of taking an escorted tour to Japan? With the sheer vastness of Japan, you may want to leave the hassle of planning to someone else. With the assistance of our reliable, trustworthy and professional tour service provider at iLoveJapanTours, you will be able to make the most out of your holiday in Japan.

Our Japan Escorted Vacation packages will do the planning on your behalf, as well as provide you with a tour leader who coordinates your schedule and takes you from one tourist spot to the next. At each of the destinations, the tour leader will provide a balance of keeping your trip organized, as well as allowing you the independence and freedom you need to maximize your Japan experience.

With the assistance of our capable tour leaders, you can rest assured that your Japan escorted tour will be safe and smooth. It is our wish that you can focus on your trip, checking out the amazing sights, listening to the pleasing sounds, and relishing the flavors of Japan without any worries of getting lost or behind schedule.

Browse each of our Japan guided tours to find one that suits you. Within these you can find full details of the day-to-day rundowns, what is and isn’t included, the prices and the accommodation for each trip.

A style for enthusiastic explorers

The philosophy behind our ACTIVE tours is to encourage exploration -- because an Active
adventurer will not compromise the satisfaction they get when they have seen the little known.
For this reason, we recommend this style particularly for the young and adventurous at heart.
Our Active tours are suitable for both first-timers and repeat visitors!

Exhilarating, fast-paced, rewarding

If you would like to go off the beaten path, our Active tours is undoubtedly
your best bet. An Active itinerary will often include more rigorous activities and schedules,
such as consecutive transfers through less-developed areas, or many hiking/trekking attractions.
The best marvels of Japan will reward those who would enjoy both the journey and the goal!

Quality facilities in diversity

Naturally, we have taken care to ensure that an Active tour is comfortable despite
the quicker pace. Even as travelers journey through the relatively secluded areas, our vast
experience and network in Japan allows us to find a cozy lodging, often with quality onsen or other
regional features. The wide spectrum of destinations also allows for a more diverse culinary experience!

Check out our active tours


TokyoNikkoMinakamiKusatsu OnsenKanazawaShirakawa-goTokyo

Tour code: AC-02-EN

Blaze Trailer

Travel style: Active
Travel theme: Autumn Colors

  • From¥ 428,000 JPY

  • From$ 3,987 USD

  • From 3,219 EUR

  • From£ 2,800 GBP

  • From$ 5,121 AUD

  • From฿ 124,383 THB

  • FromRp 54,941,312 IDR

9 days

Availability: From mid- to late October


Tour code: CJ-04-EN

Golden Ring

Travel style: Active
Travel theme: Classic Japan

  • From¥ 424,000 JPY

  • From$ 3,950 USD

  • From 3,189 EUR

  • From£ 2,774 GBP

  • From$ 5,073 AUD

  • From฿ 123,221 THB

  • FromRp 54,427,842 IDR

11 days

Availability: All year round

TokyoHakoneIzu NagaokaKyotoKameokaArashiyamaNaraOsaka

Tour code: CB-04-EN

Sakura Express

Travel style: Active
Travel theme: Cherry Blossoms

  • From¥ 351,000 JPY

  • From$ 3,270 USD

  • From 2,640 EUR

  • From£ 2,297 GBP

  • From$ 4,200 AUD

  • From฿ 102,006 THB

  • FromRp 45,057,011 IDR

7 days

Availability: From late March to early April

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iLoveJapanTours is a leading Japan tour operator. With more than 10 years of experience in handling inbound travel requests, our local team of professionals has served thousands of satisfied clients from around the world.

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We have extensive insider’s knowledge on Japan thanks to our experience. Our tour programs are designed to be different, thematic, flexible, and authentic. Specializing in private tours, we have a suitable itinerary for everyone.

Why private tour

A private tour is much more than just a dedicated car and personal guide. It means traveling on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the dates of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and free time activities.