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A new aspect of accommodation,called Shukubo, in Japan has emerged!

After the incient of Airbnb which removed more than 62,000 rooms that haven't been registered properly, this was a major blow to many foreigners who lost its booking confirmation just a couple days before their arrival in Japan and caused a chaos to most of them with the worst case of canceling their thip to Japan. However, after the storm has...

New Digital Art Museum on Odaiba will be unveiled soon!

The new art museum or formally called "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM" will be opened on artificial Island of Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. The museum will opens its door to visitors from 21 June 2018 onwards with a admission fee of 3,200 Yen for adults and 1,000 Yen for middle school students (Age 3 or younger is FREE). Insdie this meseum, there will...

Tokyo Skytree prepares to launch a special "Avengers" event during this summer!

From a succesful superheroes franchise "Avengers", now the latest episode has already launch in theatre as "Avengers : Infinity War" and Japan is also another country where it receives a warm welcome from viewers and thus set Tokyo, the capital city, to strengthen its varietes at Tokyo Skytree, the highest tower in Japan, to launch a special...


December is upon us! Next year's calendars have started adorning shelves in many Japanese stores, signaling the approach of the New Year. But 2016 is not over yet - in fact, you could say that the most exciting finale has just begun. Japan really comes alive this month, and you still have time to join in on the festivities!


In any culture, there exist myths about granting wishes. Rub a magic lamp. Pray to a shooting star. Toss a coin into a wishing well. At one point, they become a shared belief among people around the world, and Japan is no exception. For example, sometimes, when you travel around Japan, you will come across ponds, natural or otherwise. And then...