iLoveJapanTours is a leading tour operator specializing in private tours in Japan.

Why travel in Japan with us

Why travel in Japan with iLoveJapanTours?

Let’s take a few steps back and ask the crucial question: why do you travel? Some travel to broaden their horizons, others to sate their curiosity and wanderlust, and yet some others to simply have a good time off. Traveling is therefore an investment, especially for a high-profile destination such as Japan. It is important that you find a reliable and qualified tour operator to ensure that your time and money translate into a great experience that fulfills your expectations.

And we at iLoveJapanTours strive to exceed expectations.


Our company has a long-standing reputation as the leading inbound land tour operator in Japan. We started as a couple of foreigners living in a traditional house in the mountains of Kyoto, who strived to share our love and passion for Japan. Even back when we had only two guides, we were recognized for our sincere and exceptional service. More than 10 years since our small beginnings, we have grown into a team of professionals, serving thousands of satisfied clients from around the world. Ours is an experience you can trust.


Being a local land tour operator, we have a personal involvement in every aspect of your tour. Your itinerary is designed and approved by our team of experts with firsthand experience of living in Japan. Your hotels and restaurants are booked straight from the high-quality partners in our expansive network. Your daily tour management, down to the occasionally requested last-minute adjustments, is performed firsthand by our team in Japan. It is the kind of quality you can expect only from dedicated professionals with local know-how.


We aim to create not just another run-of-the-mill itinerary, but a coherent experience. Instead of slapping together destinations that are commonly featured in travel catalogs and calling it a tour, we specialize in our craft of matching destinations with an overarching theme. As a result, an itinerary with seasonal attractions will fully accentuate the temporal beauty of Japan, whereas one with a focus on certain activities will utilize all the available resources to maximize the experience. Our itineraries are therefore one-of-a-kind.


When designing our unique tours, we take into consideration the diversity of travelers from around the globe. We understand that our customers have different preferences and expectations. With utmost care, we have devised a system to categorize our programs into styles to facilitate your search for the perfect adventure. The resulting ABCs are the backbone of our highly acclaimed service -- no matter who you are, where you come from, and whether or not you have visited Japan before, we have an itinerary for you.


We are a proponent of taking one's time at a given destination -- because traveling is about losing yourself in the moment. We understand that even the ostensibly simple destinations can have a multitude of layers. We strive to provide an eclectic experience, doing as much as possible within one spot before proceeding with another. As the mantra goes, quality over quantity -- you will be surprised at how many different activities we can fit in one day despite our relatively relaxed schedule. You will rarely find more of the same in our itineraries.


We encourage our travelers to engage with the locals and learn their culture and tradition. Our local guides are always keen on providing relevant commentaries on the Japanese life. They are also enthusiastic about sharing hints and tips that will help further your enjoyment of whatever activities you are partaking in, whether dining in a local sushi joint or visiting a Shinto shrine. In addition, our tours frequently feature authentic Japanese experiences to fully immerse you in the country’s ways. Not only will you see Japan, you will live it out.


To know the ins and outs of Japan is to know its limitations, and how to overcome them. For example, sudden changes in weather can often mean sub-optimal experience in a highly anticipated outing. Our flexibility allows us to preemptively shuffle the order of days, or to arrange impromptu visits to different destinations. In the event of an excess in time, we may also bring you to an additional attraction nearby. We try to find creative solutions to unforeseen circumstances, because we believe in always giving our best.


All of our tours are conducted on a private basis. We specialize in this field, because we believe that we can achieve the best customer-oriented service with this format. A private tour is much more than just a dedicated car and personal guide. It means traveling on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the dates of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and free time activities. Going on a private tour means eliminating any uncertainties. We deliver the best quality only for you and your trusted companions.


We pride ourselves in our drive to improve. Our staff always do their best to serve our esteemed customers, and it shows in the positive reviews we have accumulated. By having a direct communication channel with our travelers, we also ensure that we receive critical comments and suggestions based on their experiences. We use customer feedback to reinforce the positives and improve on the shortcomings, allowing us to constantly evolve. Best of all, we are transparent with our reviews -- they are reliable and unbiased.

Featured Japan Private Tours


TokyoFuji Five LakesKawaguchikoKyotoKameokaArashiyamaNaraYoshinoOsakaHimejiOsaka

Tour code: CB-01-EN

Classic Sakura

Travel style: Comfort
Travel theme: Cherry Blossoms

  • From¥ 459,000 JPY

  • From$ 4,272 USD

  • From 3,465 EUR

  • From£ 3,063 GBP

  • From$ 5,438 AUD

  • From฿ 134,443 THB

  • FromRp 58,177,622 IDR

10 days

Availability: From late March to early April


Tour code: CB-04-EN

Sakura Express

Travel style: Active
Travel theme: Cherry Blossoms

  • From¥ 332,000 JPY

  • From$ 3,090 USD

  • From 2,506 EUR

  • From£ 2,215 GBP

  • From$ 3,933 AUD

  • From฿ 97,244 THB

  • FromRp 42,080,546 IDR

7 days

Availability: From late March to early April


Tour code: SB-02-EN

Valentine Sakura

Travel style: Active
Travel theme: Cherry Blossoms

  • From¥ 220,000 JPY

  • From$ 2,048 USD

  • From 1,661 EUR

  • From£ 1,468 GBP

  • From$ 2,606 AUD

  • From฿ 64,439 THB

  • FromRp 27,884,699 IDR

7 days

Availability: From mid- to late February

A unique Japan tour operator

Who we are

iLoveJapanTours is a leading Japan tour operator. With more than 10 years of experience in handling inbound travel requests, our local team of professionals has served thousands of satisfied clients from around the world.

Why travel with us

We have extensive insider’s knowledge on Japan thanks to our experience. Our tour programs are designed to be different, thematic, flexible, and authentic. Specializing in private tours, we have a suitable itinerary for everyone.

Why private tour

A private tour is much more than just a dedicated car and personal guide. It means traveling on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the dates of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and free time activities.