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Japan Boutique Tours & Japan Luxury Vacation Packages

Japan is meant to amaze its visitors with a rich culture and surrealistic traditional atmosphere. Unlike our classic vernal offerings, Japan Boutique Tours focuses on the exclusive historic attractions, seasonal festivals, high-end hotels and unique dining experience. If you are looking for something to which the average traveler has limited access, our Japan Luxury Vacation Packages is your best choice.

Your portal to a hidden Japan

BOUTIQUE is unique. Our Boutique tours are designed around events and activities
to which the average traveler has limited access. Itineraries of this style are meant to
grant our customers an exclusive window to Japan. Exciting and unorthodox, these tours are
most suitable for those who have been to Japan before, and are looking for a new experience.

Rare, one-of-a-kind itineraries

The focus of any Boutique itinerary is a unique experience of limited availability.
It can be a very elusive annual festival, an audience to a highly sought-after performance, or a stay
in a historic or esoteric hotel. The daily schedules will revolve around the venue of the main activity,
covering the nearby areas of interest. There will also be transfers and activities of varying intensity.

When even resting is an experience

Inspiring sights throughout the day, inspiring stay into the night -- that is the ideal of our Boutique tours.
As such, they do not only feature special events -- even the selected lodgings are unique.
In some cases, the accommodation may very well be the main attraction of the tour itself.
Due to the time-sensitive nature of these tours, the dishes served also tend to be seasonal.

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Tour code: CB-03-EN

Festive Sakura

Travel style: Boutique
Travel theme: Cherry Blossoms
    • From¥ 1,222,000 2,444,000 JPY

    • From$ 11,054 22,107 USD

    • From 9,679 19,358 EUR

    • From£ 8,661 17,321 GBP

    • From$ 15,129 30,259 AUD

    • From฿ 365,158 730,316 THB

    • FromRp 161,272,833 322,545,666 IDR

    • From¥ 929,000 2,787,000 JPY

    • From$ 8,403 25,210 USD

    • From 7,358 22,075 EUR

    • From£ 6,584 19,752 GBP

    • From$ 11,502 34,506 AUD

    • From฿ 277,604 832,811 THB

    • FromRp 122,604,306 367,812,918 IDR

    • From¥ 782,000 3,128,000 JPY

    • From$ 7,074 28,294 USD

    • From 6,194 24,776 EUR

    • From£ 5,542 22,169 GBP

    • From$ 9,682 38,727 AUD

    • From฿ 233,677 934,708 THB

    • FromRp 103,204,055 412,816,220 IDR


Availability: Departs on April 10 every year


Tour code: HT-02-EN

Tokaido Trails

Travel style: Boutique
Travel theme: Historic Trails
    • From¥ 977,000 1,954,000 JPY

    • From$ 8,837 17,675 USD

    • From 7,739 15,477 EUR

    • From£ 6,924 13,849 GBP

    • From$ 12,096 24,192 AUD

    • From฿ 291,947 583,894 THB

    • FromRp 128,939,082 257,878,163 IDR

    • From¥ 790,000 2,370,000 JPY

    • From$ 7,146 21,438 USD

    • From 6,257 18,772 EUR

    • From£ 5,599 16,797 GBP

    • From$ 9,781 29,343 AUD

    • From฿ 236,068 708,203 THB

    • FromRp 104,259,851 312,779,553 IDR

    • From¥ 696,000 2,784,000 JPY

    • From$ 6,296 25,183 USD

    • From 5,513 22,051 EUR

    • From£ 4,933 19,731 GBP

    • From$ 8,617 34,468 AUD

    • From฿ 207,979 831,914 THB

    • FromRp 91,854,249 367,416,994 IDR


Availability: All year round

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