iLoveJapanTours is a leading tour operator specializing in private tours in Japan.

Japan Private Trips

Check out our catalog of Private Trips to Japan. Our well-planned itineraries are designed for those who want to take a tour by themselves, with their designated group of family and/or friends. We offer the best packages for those who want to spend some quality time at their destinations of choice without having to worry about other unfamiliar strangers in the group.

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Alpine Adventures

Winter Vacations

TokyoKawaguchikoTokyoJigokudaniShibu OnsenMatsumotoNaganoKanazawaShirakawa-goKanazawaTokyo

Tour code: WV-01-EN

Alpine Adventures

Travel style: Comfort

  • From¥ 282,000 JPY

  • From$ 2,515 USD

  • From 2,140 EUR

  • From£ 1,899 GBP

  • From$ 3,327 AUD

  • From฿ 82,300 THB

  • FromRp 34,011,542 IDR

9 days

Availability: From December to February
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Blaze Trailer

Autumn Colors

TokyoNikkoMinakamiKusatsu KanazawaShirakawa-goTokyo

Tour code: AC-02-EN

Blaze Trailer

Travel style: Active

  • From¥ 349,000 JPY

  • From$ 3,113 USD

  • From 2,649 EUR

  • From£ 2,350 GBP

  • From$ 4,117 AUD

  • From฿ 101,853 THB

  • FromRp 42,092,299 IDR

9 days

Availability: From mid- to late October
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Classic Koyo

Autumn Colors


Tour code: AC-01-EN

Classic Koyo

Travel style: Comfort

  • From¥ 426,000 JPY

  • From$ 3,800 USD

  • From 3,233 EUR

  • From£ 2,868 GBP

  • From$ 5,025 AUD

  • From฿ 124,325 THB

  • FromRp 51,379,138 IDR

8 days

Availability: From mid- to late November
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Classic Sakura

Cherry Blossoms

TokyoFuji Five LakesKawaguchikoKyotoKameokaArashiyamaNaraYoshinoOsakaHimejiOsaka

Tour code: CB-01-EN

Classic Sakura

Travel style: Comfort

  • From¥ 459,000 JPY

  • From$ 4,094 USD

  • From 3,484 EUR

  • From£ 3,090 GBP

  • From$ 5,415 AUD

  • From฿ 133,956 THB

  • FromRp 55,359,213 IDR

10 days

Availability: From late March to early April
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Fairy Ninja Tales

Family Fun

Tokyo DisneylandTokyoNikkoTokyo

Tour code: FF-01-EN

Fairy Ninja Tales

Travel style: Comfort

  • From¥ 158,000 JPY

  • From$ 1,409 USD

  • From 1,199 EUR

  • From£ 1,064 GBP

  • From$ 1,864 AUD

  • From฿ 46,111 THB

  • FromRp 19,056,112 IDR

5 days

Availability: Mid May - Mid October
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Festive Sakura

Cherry Blossoms

TokyoKanazawaShirakawa-goTakayamaMatsumotoTakatoKofuFuji Five LakesKawaguchikoTokyo

Tour code: CB-03-EN

Festive Sakura

Travel style: Boutique

  • From¥ 749,000 JPY

  • From$ 6,681 USD

  • From 5,685 EUR

  • From£ 5,043 GBP

  • From$ 8,836 AUD

  • From฿ 218,591 THB

  • FromRp 90,335,621 IDR

10 days

Availability: Departs on April 10 every year

A unique Japan tour operator

Who we are

iLoveJapanTours is a leading Japan tour operator. With more than 10 years of experience in handling inbound travel requests, our local team of professionals has served thousands of satisfied clients from around the world.

Why travel with us

We have extensive insider’s knowledge on Japan thanks to our experience. Our tour programs are designed to be different, thematic, flexible, and authentic. Specializing in private tours, we have a suitable itinerary for everyone.

Why private tour

A private tour is much more than just a dedicated car and personal guide. It means traveling on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the dates of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and free time activities.